Development Team

Deep experience and expertise in engineering, transportation, alternative energy, and product development.

Leadership Team

Roger Slotkin: Chief Executive Officer

  • Unique Electric Solutions LLC

  • HydroPhi Technologies Group, Inc.

  • One World Energy, Inc.

  • Odyne Corporation

Terry Potts: Director of Operations-Product Development

  • Can Am Custom Trucks

  • Fontaine Modification

  • Freightliner (Production/Engineering)

  • Cummins Atlantic

Walter Mitchell: Director of Engineering-Product Development

  • Stewart Hass Racing

  • Richard Childress Racing

  • General Electric

  • Lockheed Martin

  • Grumman Aerospace



UniQUE Technical Services: Consulting Engineers

  • Electric Vehicle Software and Hardware Design

Dr. Marshall Miller: Chief Advisor - Battery Technology

  • Manages University of California Electric Vehicle Propulsion Systems Laboratory

Gladstein, Neandross & Associates: Consulting Engineers

  • EPA and CARB Advisor