Frequently Asked Questions


How long do the batteries last?

Estimated 5-7 years depending on the drive cycle


How do the batteries recharge?

The truck has a charger installed and can be plugged into a 110 or 220 volt receptacle (optional), use regen braking, or use the diesel engine to act as a generator to recharge. Using the diesel engine generator, the battery will recharge 10 percent every 5 minutes under normal highway driving conditions.


How long does it take to install?

1-2 days.


What are the fuel savings and how is it documented?

Empirical data has been logged over several years with test trucks. Fuel saving tests were performed using EPA SmartWay fuel saving validation guide lines. In addition, fuel savings data was collected during normal operations conducted within a private trucking company in Houston Texas. Data from white sheets are available.


What are the emission reductions and how is it documented?

Same as above.


Are there any maintenance issues and how is the unit serviced?

The required maintenance will be a standard checking of the bolts and screws to make sure they remain tight through heat and vibration, maintain grease level on the drive shaft, coolant change every two years, check hoses, and clean compressor air filters.


Are there any maintenance savings?

There is potential savings on the battery, brake system, clutch, and necessary oil changes. (Engine life, engine maintenance)

How much weight will the unit add to the truck?

The retrofit kit will weigh 725 to 750 pounds. There are certain weight exemptions available for emission reduction equipment


What are the specifications of the system (load, speed etc.)?

Zero (0) to Twenty-Four (24) MPH with or without a loaded trailer. However, speed can be adjusted per customer drive cycle needs 


How long does it take to train a driver to operate the truck?

Minimal training required… a few hours of hands-on training.


Explain all the components of the system:

A full mechanical schematic showing component positions will be available as requested.


If the electric unit malfunctions is the truck still drivable?

Yes, depending on what components fail. The clutch actuator may have to be manually disconnected in rare situations.


If the diesel engine malfunctions can the truck still be powered by the electric system, and if so for how long?

Low speed for up to 25 miles, depending on state of charge when the failure occurs. (in most cases enough to allow the driver to drive to a safe location out of potentially dangerous traffic)