Zero Emission Systems Market

Large Addressable Market

  • 4.08 million Class 7 and 8 HDVs in the United States model year 2001-2017

    • Prohibitive costs of new trucks and long industry replacement cycle will drive demand for economically attractive retrofit alternative that reduces fuel consumption and complies with environmental regulations.

  • Zero Emission Systems will initially target the 1.148 million HDVs manufactured from 2008 to 2013.

  • There are over 4M Class 8 trucks on the road that would benefit from our product.  This category grows by over 200k trucks per year.  Clearly these trucks have a long life cycle allowing owners of our product to benefit in multiples on payback.

  • At expected product pricing levels, this represents a multi-billion domestic and International opportunities

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Market Areas

  • Ports  (Monitored via Geo Fencing)

  • High Congestion Areas

  • Non-attainment Zones (Monitored via Geo Fencing)

  • Metropolitan Areas

  • Sound Abatement  (Monitored via Geo Fencing)


Unique Solution Meets Market Needs

  • Fuel Savings

  • Emissions Reduction

  • Maintenance Savings

  • Health Benefits

  • Noise Reduction

  • Driver Recruitment and Retention