Proprietary Overview

The Product

An aftermarket, OEM compatible “ON/OFF” Electric Propulsion drive solution.


What are Differentiating/ Proprietary Features?

  • Electric Traction – Utilizing PTO, Power-in and Power-out.

  • Electric Propulsion “ON/OFF” – Powers the drive train and eliminates emissions when the ICE is off.

  • Retrofit System – Compatible with any OEM manual truck.

  • Patents – Cover 80% of global market.

  • Commercially Available Components – Simplifies remaining commercialization process.

  • Comfort Subsystem – Supplies Heating and AC to the cabin of the truck.

  • Simplicity of Operating and Shifting Modes and Gears – Safe and smooth switching between ICE and Electric modes; seamless to driver.

  • Software Control/ Data Logger – Emission savings, performance diagnostics, asset protection (remotely disable), system maintenance and remote updates, “ON/OFF” tracking.

  • Fuel Compatibility – Indifferent to fuel source.


Market Results

  • Fuel Savings

  • Maintenance Cost Savings

  • Emission Savings – PM, NOx, CO2 and GHG